Saturday, April 25, 2015


One my simple pleasures is listening to vinyl... Yes there is crackle, but research shows you lose a lot of the depth of a track when it gets condensed for mp3/ digital transportation... and I think those bits that get lost are missed! I read this article and it kind of explains whats' missing... kind of... 

So here are on a rainy Saturday in Liverpuddle at Beat Towers playing some vinyl - last weekend I was in North Wales for a sunshiney weekend & popped into a second hand emporium on the way home... got myself a few 45s, my latest love since they're so easy to carry & the artwork super cute especially this one from Capitol Records and Ol' Blue Eyes - check out the weather report ^_^ what's not to love?! Musical climate gay and swingy?? oh yes please! shut up and take my money!! haha 

Other crackle-filled treats I landed this month are Cilla Black Anyone Who Had A Heart// Martha & The Vandelas Jimmy Mack// The Monkees (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone// Gems one and all - it's a happy Saturday today, let vinyl be pressed foreves ^_^ 

Sunday, March 01, 2015

New York state of mind

I'd like a New York state of mind for my 40th 

I'm turning the big 4-0 this summer and I thought about how I'd like to celebrate this big moment...

When I was 21 I had a kitsch-tastic pyjama party with my best friends in a Harley Street basement flat, listening to Burt Bacharach records, eating cake drinking cocktails...

When I turned 30 I had a big family and friends cocktails do (are you seeing a running theme?! haha) in my Liverpool home, having been ex-patriated for over 10 years at that time - it was totes emosh & probably what like a wedding is, except I don't plan on doing that sort of thing ever...

And here we are! My record collection is improved like a fine wine collection, I've stopped drinking cocktails and moved on to fancy wines & rum and my shoe collection is as EPIC as ever ^_^

Happy times indeed, the best thing about being in my thirties has been getting comfortable with myself - lord knows I wouldn't want to be 20 again (tho sometimes it's true to say I miss her energy! haha). I'm now in a place where I'm fulfilled at work, at home, my passions are many and I enjoy filling my free time with them - from guitars, to beards and finding more amazing shoes...

A big birthday needs a big event... so what about the big apple? New York New York for my 40th! 

Except I don't have a big job & nor does anyone I know so NYC cash is a bit of an ask... My friend suggested a crowd thing and since I know a heck of a lot of people maybe it's possible... If you can throw in a quid or splash out a fiver (which is essentially the same as chipping in for a birthday rum) we might make this dream birthday thing happen & #obvs I'd be really chuffed ^_^

Here's the link - let's do this thing!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SheBeat is here

Here is SheBeat///
 \\\ tis I with a guitar and some self-penned ditties is all...
Hope you enjoy, if you know someone who'd LOVE these sounds do introduce us ^_^