Friday, March 28, 2014

Woman Wonder

Sometimes, just sometimes, everything is going right... Work is good, passions are going well, love is in place and your health is tickety-boo... Other times not so great! BUT isn't this the great tapestry of life? I recently wrote a song about being positive when times are a little hard - it's called Rainproof and I think the legend Dolly Parton defo is of inspiration somewhat in style...

Thing is it's so EASY to talk the talk, walking the walk is when it gets difficult! Lord knows being as philosophical as I am has got me thru some tough times but each new hurdle can seem just as impossible to get over as the last, no matter how recently or not it was...

Thankfully I have a fantastic support network of Wonder Women who are there for me in my times of strife... And whoever said good friends are better than therapy was dead right !!!

So I'm looking fwd to the next time I'm feeling like Wonder Woman... and until then I'll lean on my Wonder Women ^_^ 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Found this 60s gem today in my record collection... yes, that's right, my record collection! I don't have that many long-players but they have a fond place in my heart for always...

My first job was in a second-hand record store on a Saturday in Liverpool, heard all sorts of stuff they didn't play on the radio, what a great foundation for any 17yr old! Then while at college I got a Saturday job at the more mainstream HMV (Basingstoke branch, I'd left Liverpool by then due to lack of opportunity for ambitious young women like me haha). There I met my first love (apparently lots of HMV romances occur) and extended my CD collection hugely thanks to the generous staff discount...

So a few months ago I went to a record fair on Lark Lane* with my record-enthusiast friend and found an album called Love Loves To Love/ Lulu and since I knew LL2L was a gem I'd come across while working at Smooth Radio WM I purchased for a few quid, played and then forgot about... until today when I dusted it off for a little Sunday eve playtime and wow! I did not recall this one ^_^ #happydays

It occurred to me today that a motivational poster I saw on Friday which asked: What would you do if you knew you could not fail??? Oooh! Well I think a second-hand record store would be just the ticket! What's not to love? If paying the rent wasn't an option, I was some sort of millionaire by accident (cos I really can't see it happening to me any other way haha) what is not to love about getting out of bed for 10am to play great tunes all day?! And a great service to society too, every good town needs a place for new and pre-loved records! And let me tell you my record store would be a cafe too and a place for acoustic live spots... ah it would be QUITE the local record store...

Another fantastic idea to chalk up on the wishlist then comrades...

*quite the bohemian district in Liverpuddle I tells ya ;)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bathtub Confessions...

On the evenings when I just NEED a hot bubble bath (and tonight was such a night) 2 friends come to mind... no, nothing like that, just two reminders from days gone by and I always think it funny how the memory works that way so I thought I would share my two bathtime stories with you...

I would say prior to the last 3 years I was never much of a 'bath person', I was far too easily-bored- what, wait while it pours??? nah what, just sit there til ya go all wrinkly??? why??? gots places to be (etc etc) haha but then I was having a hard time at the office and I guess a soak became part of my self-medication... I reflected on this with my friend James at the time and he announced that one should always have a nice hot bath when you needed to think about things... and so thereafter every time I was having a bathtime pondering session I always think of James and him approving greatly of my bubble-therapy!

The other reminder I get is from many years ago when I lived in Brighton with my friend Vicky. She worked long hard days in a cafe and would often go for a hot soak when she got home, but HELLO! she had the water sooooo hot she would often make a startled noises while getting into, and come out pink as a raspberry afterwards! I would ask her incredulously, remember not at all a bath person back then, why on earth she took such hot baths and she would mutter something about liking it! Now when I get into an extremely hot bath (well hot by my standards, I've not had Vicky over to tell me if they are up to standard haha) I think of her and her post-bath pink! Another bathroom tale about Vicky - I do hope she doesn't mind me sharing haha - is because she was very strong from lifting up cafe chairs on to tables at the end of her everyday she would turn the taps closed so hard I couldn't open them again! haha but then I am quite a weak-wristed individual in general... but if I find a tight tap, I think of her...

Life is full of these silly little encounters, the memory so packed and yet recalls these unimportant events for me when the relevant trigger is pulled...

Post-bath now I can tell you I'm a total convert and I eye up my mother's HUGE bathtub with the envy it deserves haha but I am very grateful for the tub I have and the hot water with which to fill it...
simple pleasures my friends, are what make my world go round #fact ;)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Beards Are Boss

for more information please go to

Saturday, June 15, 2013

excuse me while I emote at you

I am compelled to write this down and yet CANNOT find the words with which to describe the excitedness coursing thru my being !!!

tonight I sing for Todd White

in Liverpool

HE asked ME (as you'll know, if you're a regular reader I ain't shy and I don't mind asking for stuff or inviting myself along, I'm great! haha)

NERVOUS? moi? it's not the right adjective!!! excited kind of covers it but yet doesn't give the measure of JOY I'm experiencing.. I'm guessing some dopamine has been released in my central cortex or some other science speak.. and I am SURE to crash tmw cos I been feeling this way - kind of like screaming inside, screaming in a good way?? yes? - since yesterday lunchtime when I spoke to the exhibition organisers about what time, what's happening etc - THAT'S when it hit me !!! COULD NOT CONCENTRATE AT ALL after that.. I mean he asked me in like February maybe even January.. ages ago, and I was excited and honoured and flattered.. but now that is is TONIGHT I feel like I'm gonna burst something! hahaha

So tonight I will perform She Never Sleeps Alone followed by Always On The Run about the paintings of the same name for Mister Todd White.. I feel blessed.. I TRULY love my life <3 p="">
Send me good vibrations Universe !!!

Monday, June 03, 2013

everything ends or nothing can begin

 well now as usuals my life is a rollercoaster, and like a friend told me recently to cheer me up, it's the best ride in the fair so you don't wanna get off, but sometimes it's an uncomfortable ride!

been having to apply some of my peej philosophy to life just recently... every cliche helps you thru... plenty more fish in the sea, what will be will be, this too shall pass! ha I'm eating them up all grateful like this week!

it's my birthday this month and so I tend to get more reflective than usual... I do seem to bound relentlessly from one adventure to another, it's like the reason I don't enjoy soap operas is cos I'm living my own ! but I know I'd rather this than a boring life, and boy does it make for great songwriting material ;)

wearing red for luck today, and remembering that all is as it should be (tho I never really got on with that Leibniz theory, I kinda see that all closing doors lead to new exciting ones... see, I'm being positive over here!) ... I suppose the great thing about days like these is we feel most alive, most aware of the utter chaos of the Universe and that can be no bad thing! xo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So, I like beards...

I made page 23 of the local rag recently!

If you have read this blog before you'll know I have a beardy picture blog not too far away and while I'll admit tis a little quirky to appreciate the facial fur, to call me 'abnormal' is going a bit far... 
such is tabloid journalism! 

However I was pretty pleased with myself for being the go-to-girl for local beardy opinion! haha 
There are worse things to be famous for me thinks ;) 

Read the full article here 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Very Dry Weekend

Day Seven

Seven days I ago I undertook what I thought an ordinary task. Having been living a quasi-rockandroll lifestyle of late, my diet and general looking after meself has gone a bit to the wayside... upon drinking a bunch of me fav tipple* I noted a distinct lack of drunkeness... now call me old-fashioned! But I like to drink to get drunk... I know, I know, it's tres British of me but there goes it!

Now, then, a good old fashioned spot of abstinence was required. Done before many times for different reasons... but my goodness this dry spell has been quite the marathon! I also cut out white sugar for my 10 day detox cos I'd also gotten into treats-every-day-mode at the office, and while I never used to have much caffeine, I upped the amount of cola in my week lately** so I cut out that too...

Day seven, then, and I'm concerned by how much I miss the booze! This has to be my first non-boozy weekend (other than when being poorly) that I can remember in a loooonnngg time... man tis hard being sober while everyone else has a beer! I gigged open mic last night and the boys on my table threatened to by me a drink more than once much to my pathetic protests haha thing is, tbf to me, cutting out sugar meant no sugary replacements for the wine, beer and rums which meant fruit juice and water *yawns* so I've not made it easy for myself... and Thursday I was close to caving in for a cake... haha but it just goes to show how addicted we become to these legal highs!

The benefits of my mini detox tho have been obvious... yesterday I woke early and went for a run! So unfit am I, that I near to threw up in Prinny Park but it didn't kill me #winning ;) I had a hearty breakfast and a full day! Then today, I again have slept well and woken early, enjoyed some yummy Aussie tea*** with crumpets and hot cross buns for brekkie, listened to loads of music, made scribblings and been generally more productive before noon than any weekend in memory! Still not got around to the hoovering mind... haha

I believe I can make it to Day 10, I think at this time it would be better to go longer like 21 days but I have a full-on rockandroll bank holiday coming up and sober ain't playing no part in it! haha I also been on somewhat of a boy-detox too but again a rock&roll weekend ain't no fun without a boy with a geetar... oh my life! ;)

Wish me luck! haha xo

*spicy dark rum - Captain's Reserve is a good 'un but I'm not very brand loyal ;) 
 **to go with and around the rums you understand haha
***T2 Green Rose

Monday, April 01, 2013

Beards: My Quest Continues

okedoke so you may or not know I am a keen BeardWatcher haha

this is Aaron - find out more about this latest entry for my beard blog here 

if you or someone you know has a beard or moustache worthy of note I am happy to take guest beards for the blog and share the good work of these bearded beauts haha 

as I get older and more bonkers I think it's key to acknowledge and accept ones idiosyncrasies and move on ;)